S.C. Locke Courses Taught

You can contact me at LockeS@fau.edu.

Course taught at University of Waterloo

Math Courses taught at Florida Atlantic University

  • College Algebra; Trigonometry
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Calculus 1; Calculus 2; Calculus 3
  • Methods of Calculus
  • Graph Theory; Modern Graph Theory; Graphs and Matroids
  • Introduction to Combinatorics; Combinatorics 1, Combinatorics 2
  • Introduction to Computational Mathematics
  • Matrix Theory; Linear Algebra 2
  • Linear Programming and Game Theory
  • Mathematical Problem Solving; Recreational Mathematics
  • Modern Analysis; Analysis 1; Analysis 2
  • Modern Algebra
  • History of Mathematics
  • Engineering Mathematics 1
  • Set Theory
  • Survey of Geometry; Projective Geometry
  • Numerical Analysis; Numerical Methods
  • Number Theory

    Computer Courses Courses Taught at Florida Atlantic University

    Other Courses Courses Taught at Florida Atlantic University

    Other contact points

    Department of Mathematics
    Florida Atlantic University
    777 Glades Road
    Boca Raton, Florida 33431-0991

    Email: LockeS fau.edu (with the at sign in the appropriate place)
    URL: http://www.math.fau.edu/locke/taught.htm

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