Sample Schedule

Each semester, each student should prepare a sample semester by semester schedule, hereafter called a plan, for the courses remaining to complete his or her degree. It would facilitate advising sessions if the student brings one of advisors the current version of this plan, together with the DARS printout, and a short statement regarding what the student wants from the degree, and what type of career the student has in mind.

Here is a sample plan for a mathematics freshman taken from the 2003-2004 FAU Catalog, but originally drafted by this author. It would need to be updated to match the current program.

Year One, Fall Semester
ENC 1101College Writing 13 credits
MAC 2311Calculus with Analytic Geometry 14 credits
CHM 2045General Chemistry 13 credits
CHM 2045LGeneral Chemistry Lab 11 credit
Foreign Language 14 credits

Year One, Spring Semester
ENC 1102College Writing 23 credits
MAC 2312Calculus with Analytic Geometry 24 credits
CHM 2046General Chemistry 23 credits
CHM 2046LGeneral Chemistry Lab 21 credit
Foreign Language 24 credits

Year Two, Fall Semester
MAC 2313Calculus with Analytic Geometry 34 credits
MAD 2104Discrete Mathematics3 credits
MAS 2103Matrix Theory3 credits
PHY 2048General Physics 14 credits
PHY 2048LGeneral Physics Lab 11 credit

Year Two, Spring Semester
MAP 2302Differential Equations 13 credits
MHF 3202Intro to Advanced Mathematics3 credits
MAD 2502Mathematical Computation3 credits
PHY 2049General Physics 24 credits
PHY 2049LGeneral Physics Lab 21 credit

Year Three, Fall Semester
STA 4442Probability and Statistics 13 credits
MAS 4301Modern Algebra3 credits
MAT 4937Mathematical Problem Solving3 credits
PHI 1012Reason and Value3 credits
FAU Core Course3 credits

Year Three, Spring Semester
STA 4443Probability and Statistics 23 credits
MAA 4200Modern Analysis3 credits
MAA 4402Introduction to Complex Analysis3 credits
WOH 2012History of Civilization 13 credits
FAU Core Course3 credits

Year Four, Fall Semester
Mathematics Elective3 credits
Mathematics Elective3 credits
Mathematics Elective3 credits
FAU Core Course3 credits
FAU Core Course3 credits

Year Four, Spring Semester
Mathematics Elective3 credits
Free Elective3 credits
Free Elective3 credits
Free Elective3 credits
Free Elective3 credits

  1. Students now take a placement exam (ALEKS) to determine whether or not they are ready for MAC 2311. If a student is not ready to start MAC 2311, then some subset of MAC 1105, MAC 1114, MAC 1140 would need to be completed before starting MAC 2311, and the plan would need to be modified.
  2. Mathematics B.A. majors need two semesters of a foreign language. The department has no requirements as to which language. Traditionally, French, German or Russian have been preferred by mathematics departments. A student who plans to go to graduate school should check what language(s) are required by the graduate school.
  3. Students may opt to use the summer semesters, and if they wish to do so, they should include these in their plans. This would be one way to accomodate plans which have MAC 2311 in the second semester or later. Also, FAU core courses could be moved up into summer semesters, to give greater freedom in later years.
  4. Students may wish to carry fewer than 15 credits per semester. If so, their schedules should reflect this. Students admitted to FAU as Freshmen are expected to average 15 credits or more during Fall and Spring Semesters.
  5. FAU Core Courses: Students have some choice here, but must cover a certain number of credits (and distribution) in social science and humanities.
  6. Free Elective: Almost anything -- but remember that there is a lower limit of 45 upper division credits for a baccalaureate degree from FAU.
  7. Mathematics Elective: An upper division Mathematics Course (except for a few prohibited courses due to content overlap with the required courses).
  8. This plan is built so as to allow as much freedom in year four as possible.
  9. The student is responsible for making a plan that covers all state, university, college, and department requirements. Please check with your advisor and please read the University Catalog.