S.C. Locke
E-mail and other contact information

In an attempt to help block some of the enormous number of spam messages I have been receiving, I am going to remove my e-mail address from all of my pages, except this one, and on this one, it will not appear as something that can be easily cut-and-pasted by a computer. Keeping it all on this one page will also make it easier for me to modify my e-mail address if it does change, as well as change my telephone number (which has changed at least three times since I came to FAU) and my office number (which has also changed at least three times since I came to FAU).

I'm sorry for the inconvenience to people who have a valid and legitimate reason to contact me.

Note also: I have included my office telephone number, but I find e-mail messages much more precise and I also find that people leave me telephone messages that are very hard to decipher. This is not always the fault of the caller -- sometimes the telephone connection leads to a poor quality audio. (I'd happily blame my own ears, but I've sometimes called colleagues in to try to decipher the messages I've been left, but they have had no better luck with the process.)

The domain name for the university is fau.edu.

My e-mail userid is LockeS.

The usual form of an e-mail address is userid@domainname.

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, Florida 33431-0991

Office: Room 237, Science Building
Phone: (561) 297-3350
Fax: (561) 297-2436

URL: http://euler.math.fau.edu/locke/EmailContact.htm

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